37 Weeks

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How Far Along: 37 weeks

What is Baby G Up To?: Baby G is the size of a winter melon. Whatever that is…. Doctor says Baby G is the perfect size for this stage of pregnancy. Baby has definitely shifted downward – I can tell because I can breath better, but I have to use the bathroom a lot more. Baby is a little wiggly still, but is running out of room.

How I’m Feeling: I’m feeling ready. My feet and knuckles have started to swell and are quite painful. I have prepared our house as much as possible. I’m finishing up the last odds and ends at work. Baby can come anytime!

What I’m Wearing: Anything that fits!

What’s On My Mind Lately: The last few days I’ve been focused on triggering labor. I’ve tried just about everything they say will onset labor, including the infamous lemon cupcakes that swears put 150 Charlottesville women into labor. I’ve eaten an entire pineapple, taken Juneau on several long walks each night, eaten spicy food, even done squats. It is making a small difference – from last week’s appointment to this week’s Baby G has moved down into a good position. I’m just excited at this point.

What I’m Craving: Nothing, really!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Meeting baby!

Best Moment of the Week: Yesterday David and I had the 37 week checkup and our doctor was so excited for us. She told us we were going to be a fun couple during labor! That meant a lot! We got some good news and left feeling hopeful that we will meet our baby within the next few weeks!

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